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Here's what a few of our clients have to say...

While some of our current members have agreed to allow us to publicize their websites, they are not obligated to return contact. They are busy running their sites and the volume of inquiries about City America is quite high.


Jupiter Florida Guide
City America has afforded me a comfortable income, the ability to stay home with my children since 2003 and leave the restaurant service industry behind me for good.
I feel so blessed to have found the City America opportunity and can in good faith encourage anyone else who feels this may be for them to simply jump in and give it a try. There is so much to gain from this business!

I am just so impressed with this package that you offer through CityAmerica! Thanks for all that you did in setting it up for me.

I once thought of doing this on my own since I am a web designer, but the incredible tools that your company provides, the site already set up and ready to go the first day, and the possibility of marketing this as an affiliate program all rolled into one is incredible. I am very impressed.

I can see how this would work for anyone from the person who has very little experience in web designing to the pro's because everything is already set up to go.

What a great way for a person to start a business in their home town, gain recognition, and have something that they can respectfully do online!

I actually ran across CityAmerica while doing a search one day and now I wish I had signed up at that time because there is no reason to wait on this. If I had known that it comes fully equipped like this I would not have hesitated in the least.

Thanks again for an awesome opportunity.

Chris M.

EagleI have been with CityAmerica for a few years now and have found that the business is one of the most satisfying I've ever been associated with.

The support staff is far beyond excellent and they give 110+ percent effort to each and every problem I present them. The response is always prompt and most times within 30 minutes.

During the past year CityAmerica has come out with several new plug-in (additional features), to the sites, which required I'm sure hundreds of man-hours of analysis and programming time. They could have, like most companies would have, charged an extra monthly fee for these plug-ins but they didn't. They gave them to us free of charge as enhancements
to the current system.

I have been in a great number of business opportunities over the past 20 years but none of them came close to giving me the satisfaction I receive with my CityAmerica site. I am able to provide a valuable community service while at the same time having the opportunity to make a very good income by offering a number of different products to my visitors and the local business community.

Take my word for it (as one who has been there and done that) don't waste your time with a lot of mlm's and other get-rich-overnight schemes that usually don't work for the masses. Get yourself a city site today and run a real business that you'll feel good about.


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"Best. Decision. Ever. Thank you, City America!"

"I can't thank you enough for this program and software. I love how easy it is to make my own updates and I love that you work so hard to ensure I stay on track and meet my goals!"
(Rohnert Park, CA)


"The training and support has been fantastic. Everything I have asked or had problems with
have been handled quickly and perfectly."


(Darien, CT)

"Finally, a business where I make money for a change instead of just spend it!"
(Norfolk, VA)

(Rock Hill, SC)

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